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Ghadir Investment Company was initially established, with the sole objective of managing a number of companies which operated in different fields of activity. However, as the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) and the Iranian capital markets proved to be lucrative investment platforms, this company decided to also trade in the stock market. More

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

This company was initially registered under the name of Alvand Ghadir Investment Development Company (joint stock) in 1386/05/08 (30/06/2007) and under registration number 302496. However, following the ratification of an extra ordinary general assembly in 1390/09/16 (07/12/2011), the name of this company was changed into Parsian Oil & Gas dev ... More

Construction & Civil

This company was registered in 1364/11/8 (28/01/1986) under the name of Sakhteman Investment Company (joint stock). However, following an extra ordinary general assembly on 1383/3/26 (15/06/2004) and 1383/9/10 (30/11/2004) this company adjusted its legal status to public joint stock (PLC) and its name was altered to International Construction ... More


This company was established in 1376/08/22 (13/11/1997) for the purpose of supervising and guiding Ghadir’s cement production companies. Despite the problems the cement industry is currently facing as a result of rising energy costs, which is the consequence of government policies relating to the targeting of subsidies, the Ghadir Capital & In ... More

Metal Mines & Industries

Gِhadir Industries & Mines Development Company was registered in 1390/04/07 (28/06/2011) as an industrial holding company, under registration number 408192. This company invests in the mining and industrial sector. Thus, it essentially plays the role of an investor and manager of macro-industrial projects, rather than becoming directly involve ... More

Trade & Financial Superior Services

This company was registered under registration number 92104 in 1371/05/24 (15/08/1992) under the name of Avard Machine Company (joint stock). However, following the ratification of an extra ordinary general assembly in (1381/07/10 (02/10/2002), More

Power Plant – Electricity

This company was established in 1390/07/05 (27/09/2011), with the objective of operating, guiding and managing this sector. More


This multipurpose holding company which was established in 1389 (2010/11). It is noteworthy that Negin Kish International Onshore & Offshore Company aims to constantly enhance the quality of the services of its subsidiary companies and to create synergy within various fields of transportation including onshore (rail and road), offshore and air ... More
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Deputy Oil Minister: French Total Keen to Return to Iran
Deputy Oil Minister: French Total Keen to Return to Iran
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